Thursday, 28 March 2013

A Trip to Dixon Beach and Some Swimming – March 23rd-ish

'Cause you don't have enough beach photos. Seriously. Well now you can say "I know what you did last Saturday." In a really creepy voice.

After that we also dropped in on the park, then returned home sand-laden. Castles were built, waves were jumped, slides were slid, equipment bounced on.

On a totally different note here's Lara at her swimming on Thursday. Apparently she's very good at Froggy Legs. Just call her Froggy McChampion.

Must've been earlier in the day. Or later. No, that empty bottle's not rum. The amaretto syrup we put in coffee that makes it taste... nice. Luckily I had stocked up, so disaster avoided.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Lara's Pool Party video link - Feb 2013

In case you missed it...

A Visit from Oma and Opa, and a Celebration - March 24, 26 2013

The Easter Bunny came early this year in the shape of grandparents bearing gifts from Sydney. Their arrival was heralded by rows of children trooping up the stairs like so many Egyptian slaves carrying bag after bag chock-stuffed with goodies: to my delight not only Lindt bunnies but Campari, Bacardi and strawberry tart, too.
In case anyone on earth didn't know, Lindt Dark Chocolate Bunny is Lara's absolute favourite. Apart from Dark Chocolate 85% Coco. It's a close thing.

Lunch  (well dessert, in this case) on the balcony  - it may be autumn but still more than warm (at 34 degrees the other day). Never have dessert with fewer than three types of cake and five types of children.  
More group photos

Probably talking recipes or something

…And then the celebration. The 26th marked our one-year anniversary – an occasion in itself but we ALSO discovered a decent restaurant in Newcastle!! Only the second one so far, so it’s a rare find. OK, so you’re dying to know? Bocados at Warners Bay. Spanish. Finally, some honest-to-goodness nice cooking,  tapas reasonably authentic and not too dumbed down, not under the illusion that by waving large table napkins and coating your floor in marble you can pretend your food is worth the eating. Here’s the pork belly tapas (presented by Mr Walker with apparently slightly piratical tendencies)….   
... and here's me with a nice Tempranillo with slightly inebriated tendencies. Cheers to all!