Thursday, 6 December 2012

6th December 2012

Another blog – Picassa ran out of free space again. Ah well, such is cyberspace. Cramped, just like so many other places.
Today we had a work-and-child free day so after a lazy start mozied on up to Hawk’s Nest (about an hour and a half north). Borrowed a kayak from a guy who looked and sounded remarkably like a young Robin Williams, and went paddling for a couple of hours. In and out of mangrove swamps, nearly got run over by a school of dolphins, lost my hat within the first 30 seconds (it blew off and sank instantly), saw 3 shipwrecks that I can recall possibly more (we decided that they were all the remains of ill-fated smugglers, specialising variously in diamonds, oysters and cheese). Weather blue and scudding as you can see it. Lake spectacular, particularly with some nice burgers and chips and boy weren’t we glad we brought a bottle of wine. Sorry about there being no pics from the kayak trip but it was way to splashy for a camera.

Here's the sea side portion of Hawk's Nest. Another stunningly beautiful beach, utterly deserted.

Paddling in the sun must have been relatively tiring as I’m afraid I fell asleep uncontrollably on the way back. Back home further emergency rations of unseasonable sleep and unfeasibly chocolaty cake were (apparently) required.

Here’s a pic from the last Sunday when the kids were all making Christmas decorations in the morning. They all did pretty darn well, they look great. They made potato mice for dinner later, too. Bit of a creative day, that was.

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  1. Thank you, Vesna, this really is a treat, specially after such a long time... news-hungry and picture-hungry, we receive our gifts with open arms and a big smile. You all look gorgeous and are obviously having a correspondingly gorgeous time! Looking forward to more and more of the same... much much love to everyone <3<3<3